Each child must have a completed consent form with $30 annual admin fee.

Pam's SOS offers a variety of lessons at convenient times through out the day. We also teach all levels and ages. We will start as young as 6 months and help you learn your entire life. As you get older, swimming is a great way to stay in shape without the stress on your joints.

Our Little Seahorse classes are for parent and toddler. Each class teaches different safety elements for the children. Most of these elements can be practiced in your bath tub. At this very young age, safety is the most important thing. We have heard many stories from our clients of how their child fell into a friends pool. By the time the parent or other adult jumped in the pool, the child had already swam to the top of the water and rolled on their back. This is why Ms. Pam teaches safety skills to our Little Seahorses.

Our group classes are no more than 3 to a class. This provides for more attention from our instructor during the class. This also brings a higher level of safety for the children and the instructor.

We are able to work with anyone wanting to perfect their strokes. Whether it is free style, breast, back, or butterfly, our instructors are able to help you improve. This will make swimming much more fun when you are not struggling to get up and down the pool.Type your paragraph here.

Classes are once a week for 30 minutes. We usually have no more than 3 in a group class. For our Little Seahorse classes, we will have up to 5 parent/ child set. We keep our classes small to provide better safety and more instruction for each child each week.

We match like skill level children together. This provides a comfortable learning environment for the children. The children encourage each other which allows for greater learning.

We have classes starting every week. 
Classes meet once a week for 30 minutes. You may come more than once a week if you prefer. 

Please call for adult class pricing as adults learn differently than children.

You can pay by mailing your check with your registration form or by PayPal upon request.
We are usually able to work around your summer vacation with our different session options.
Our session options and consent form:Type your paragraph here.

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